Sunday, March 26, 2006

Toonerville Tommy

Tancredo, esteemed biblical scholar that he is, "rebuts" by assertion Hillary's statements on the utterly anti-Christian nature of the xenophobic GOP and their "throw Jesus in the slammer" approach to immigration. I have news fer ya someone who can read the New Testament in the original Greek (as Stenanopoulos no doubt can do as well), I can say with confidence--

Or, in today's vernacular,

You're off your nut!

Think Progress » Tancredo: ‘Hillary Clinton Doesn’t Know the First Thing About the Bible’
Anti-immigrant hardliner Rep. Tom Tancredo (R-CO) responded to Clinton this morning on ABC’s This Week. Watch it:
STEPHANOPOULOS: Congressman Tancredo, she’s basically saying your approach is un-Christian.

TANCREDO: I’m not really surprised that Hillary Clinton doesn’t know the first thing about the Bible. Her impression — her analysis, her interpretation of both the law and the Bible are certainly wrong to say the least. This has nothing to do — the bill we passed out of the House has nothing to do with criminalizing Good Samaritans.
Clinton is right about the law. According to Los Angeles Cardinal Roger Mahoney, the proposed provision “is so broad that it would criminalize even minor acts of mercy like offering a meal or administering first aid.” Mahoney has instructed the priests of his archdiocese to disobey the law if it is enacted.
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