Sunday, March 26, 2006

The Picture of Dorian Duke

Like a soulless vampire, David Duke just refuses to stay dead. Having successfully peddled his Hitleresque book on "the Jewish Question" in the anti-semitic heartland of eastern Europe, he returns as a conquering hero to a swarm of his fellow Blatellae Americanae1 outside DC. Perfect candidate for the Soylent Green treatment [they should serve it at the at the American Renaissance conference keynote dinner], Duke is a walking waste of protoplasm, a vicious, vile hate-mongerer who should be shunned by humans, dogs, and cats alike. Scumbag.

Republicanizing the Race Card
"The Jewish supremacists not only want to control Israel, they want to control America, Europe and the whole world," Duke announced to a dozen men who crowded around to hear his every word. "The best thing we can do is expose Jewish influence. Then one day the world will rise up, people will fill the streets and call general strikes--just like in Europe."

Duke had arrived at the American Renaissance conference spry and apparently untouched by the ravages of age. After several rounds of plastic surgery and with enough rouge on his cheeks to make Tammy Faye Bakker blush, he is the neo-Nazi answer to Dorian Gray. Though Duke's vanity distinguished him from his fellow "white nationalists" who converged for the two-day conference, he was not alone in his struggle to remain relevant and distinctive in a complex political climate where most of the ultra-right's signature issues have been co-opted by pseudo-populist media personalities and Republican politicians.
1Apologies to the cockroach.

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