Friday, April 28, 2006

Armiamoci e partite

Let's pick up our guns guys go fight!

Sono porci questi Republiccani! Denny Hastert tries to earn brownie points by drivin' by in a hydro-fueled ride, then wastes no time ditchin' it for his 0.57 mpg Porkmaster 2000 SUV. What a piece of dog shit.

A 'Commitment' Goes Only So Far

Hastert, who appeared to have walked to the station, left in the very fuel-efficient vehicle, apparently headed for his office. But he went only a block or so before he got out and stepped into his pre-positioned gas-guzzling armored SUV to take him back to his office. Alert photographers, suspecting a ploy, had followed the speaker and captured the bait-and-switch.
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