Sunday, April 09, 2006

Contract on America

That's what Newt and the other slimy Rethugs would have called their plan for the country had they had a shred of honesty and decency to begin with. Truth is, they immediately began their abuse of power, as demonstrated by their endless, unrelenting war on the Clinton presidency; it just took a decade or so for the country to catch on. Now that the game is up, however, our "traditional media" still can't find the guts to speak plainly. Instead, they have to frame GOP corruption as an imitation of the "Democratic barons" they succeeded. Wankers.

GOP Sees Disturbing Reflection in The Mirror
The Tom DeLay era is ending much as it began. An entrenched majority, battered by ethical scandals involving its top leaders, is running what many see as a politically polarized and profligate House of Representatives.

What is most remarkable, according to more than a dozen GOP lawmakers and aides, is that it took a little more than a decade for DeLay and House Republicans to succumb to many practices they railed against in the 1990s.

From stifling congressional dissent to the raw use of power, they say, Republicans have become like the Democratic barons they ousted in 1994.
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