Sunday, April 02, 2006

I knew Ronnie Reagan...

...and you, sir, are no Ronnie Reagan. He at least could act.

Dubya an "average Joe?" That's about as convincing as Jeff Gannon playing journalist. Born with a silver spoon up his ass, his access into Yale bought and paid for by Poppy, draft-dodging, TANG bailing, drink-soaked ne'er do well but always kept afloat by family and friends, ain't done a thing on his own since Babs popped him out Dubya an "average Joe"? Give me a fucking break.

Here we see the true genius of Karl Rove: he fully apprehends that half of the country has below-average intelligence.

The President as Average Joe

As he takes to the road to salvage his presidency, Bush is letting down his guard and playing up his anti-intellectual, regular-guy image. Where he spent last year in rehearsed forums with select supporters, these days he is more frequently throwing aside the script and opening himself to questions from audiences that are not prescreened. These sessions have put a sometimes playful, sometimes awkward side back on display after years of trying to keep it under control to appear more presidential.
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