Thursday, April 27, 2006

It's the money, stupid!

The Rethug conundrum: How to look serious about ethics reform without getting off the gravy train. All show, no substance, no style: that's today's GOP. I suppose it's appropriate that they had a private meeting--the ethics scandals on the Hill have been written, directed, and produced almost exclusively by Republicans.

Debate Over Scope of Ethics Bill Delays GOP Vote

Republican leaders, hoping to show their commitment to ethics reform amidst a wide-ranging lobbying scandal, were struggling this afternoon to pass an overhaul of congressional lobbying rules despite deep divisions in the GOP over how far those changes should go.

The House began working on a procedural provision for the bill early today, but abruptly stopped the debate shortly before noon when some members said they still had problems with the legislation. Republicans then went into a private two-hour meeting to discuss the bill. Leaders now say the House will vote later today to set up the procedures for the debate on the lobbying legislation.
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