Thursday, April 20, 2006

Kvik! To ze bunker!

Dubya heads to the Fuehrerbunker beneath the rubble that once was his presidency as his generals flee to Argentina, leaving the 101st Fighting Keyboarders and assorted Kool-Aid Brigades to defend the capital. Unfortunately, Bush still has a V2 or two up his sleeve and can do some serious damage before the Allies finally roll into Berli...err, Washington.

(Hat tip to Godwin's Law)

White House Shifts Into Survival Mode

In a White House known for both defiance and optimism, yesterday's senior staff changes represent a frank acknowledgment of the trouble in which President Bush now finds himself. They are also a signal of how starkly Bush's second-term ambitions have shifted after a year of persistent problems at home and abroad.

Longtime Bush confidant Karl Rove -- who had hoped to use his position of deputy chief of staff to usher in an expansive conservative agenda -- was relieved of his policy portfolio to concentrate on long-term strategy and planning for a November midterm election that looks increasingly bleak for Republicans.
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