Friday, April 21, 2006

Ratfucking Rove

Expect Karl to unleash his inner animal, wounded and cornered edition, this election season. Be prepared for a shitstorm of smears, lies, dirty tricks, personal attacks, and viciousness that will make the Swiftboating of John Kerry look like affectionate ribbing at a celebrity roast. The Dems have to know it's coming, so there will be no excuse if they're caught off guard this time.

I would wager that there will also be a concerted campaign to discredit Patrick Fitzgerald and derail the Valerie Plame investigation. Turd Blossom's effectiveness will no doubt be greatly diminished should the Good Lord favor us and see that justice is done upon the person of one Karl Christian Rove.

Rove's New Mission: Survival

Here's the real meaning of the White House shake-up and the redefinition of Karl Rove's role in the Bush presidency: The administration's one and only domestic priority in 2006 is hanging on to control of Congress.

That, in turn, means that all the spin about Rove's power being diminished is simply wrong. Yes, Rove is giving up some policy responsibilities to concentrate on politics, but guess what: The possibility of President Bush's winning enactment of any major new policy initiative this year is zero. Rove is simply moving to where all the action will, of necessity, be.


Thus Rove's new electoral focus is an urgent administration priority.
And given the unfavorable political terrain for the president, Rove's
recipe this year, as in 2004, is likely to include a heavy dollop of
attacks on the Democrats. Hold on for the new Swift Boaters, coming
soon to your swing state. It's not the politics dreams are made of, but
it often works.
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