Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Scotty Waddy Bye-Bye

Baghdad Bob...err, Scott McClellan, chief lick and fogmeister for a failed presidency, resigns to pursue a career as a male swimsuit model. Karl Rove, meanwhile, gets put back in the upstairs room with the door that's always locked except when his brother drives in a few steers for Karl's lunch. Yo Karl...say hello to Yog Sothoth when you see him.

McClellan Out as White House Press Secretary
Karl Rove, the president's most influential adviser and a dominant force in the Bush administration since its beginning, surrendered key policy responsibilities today while press secretary Scott McClellan announced his resignation.

Both moves were part of the makeover promised earlier this week by a White House seeking to reverse sagging public opinion ratings.

Rove will remain deputy chief of staff to President Bush, but he will drop his portfolio as policy coordinator -- a job he assumed a year ago -- and once again concentrate his focus on broader strategy and politics as the 2006 mid-term elections approach, the White House announced.
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