Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Speaking of the nice men in the white coats...

Bush says, "Yeah, I know I fucked up...but I'd fuck it up all over again given the chance." How in the name of the Almighty, who Dubya claims guides his decisions, can you claim that you would willingly do the wrong thing all over again now that you know it was a colossal mistake? Does this asshole have one fully-tightened fastener in his head?

Bush Admits Mistakes in Iraq, Defends Tactics

President Bush today said mistakes were made in planning for the Iraq invasion, but he defended the troop level he ordered in the initial strike, saying he would have committed the same number if given a second chance.

Recalling his pre-war conversations with Gen. Tommy Franks, who led the invasion and is now retired, Bush told a business group in Irvine, Calif.: "The level that he suggested was the troop level necessary to do the job, and I support it strongly."
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