Monday, May 01, 2006

Tone-Deaf Right

Mr. Cap'n Ed demonstrates, again, that Wingnuttia is stonato in more ways than one. Colbert's routine at the Stenographers' Ball was pants-pissingly funny to all but those with no sense of irony, to anyone but a dolt devoid of the meta-cognitive faculties essential to an appreciation of satire. In other words, it was hilarious to all but the numb-nuts on the Right.

White House Briefing -- News on President George W Bush and the Bush Administration

Blogger Ed Morrissey , for instance, writes: "There were two problems with Colbert's act. The first is that it wasn't funny, and the second was that it didn't keep with the spirit of the evening. The Correspondents Dinner prides itself on making the evening a safe venue for all, and the humor is supposed to stay self-deprecating. Attacking one's opponents in this forum is considered bad manners. Colbert has no grasp of his audience or the event, and he paid the price for it. And that price was painful indeed."
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