Sunday, August 26, 2007

Free market infanticide

How many more Americans must be sacrificed on the altar of savage capitalist ideology? How many more newborns, young children, expectant women, chronically ill and elderly have to die for the sake of shareholder satisfaction? When will this fucking country wake up from its conservatarian coma and finally join the rest of the civilized world in caring for its citizens? - U.S. has second worst newborn death rate in modern world, report says - May 10, 2006
(CNN) -- An estimated 2 million babies die within their first 24 hours each year worldwide and the United States has the second worst newborn mortality rate in the developed world, according to a new report.

American babies are three times more likely to die in their first month as children born in Japan, and newborn mortality is 2.5 times higher in the United States than in Finland, Iceland or Norway, Save the Children researchers found.
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