Thursday, August 16, 2007

Go ask Alice

Through the spylooking glass...

Completely tautological
So circular, it's logical!
Our argument, we must report
Can't be explained in open court.
Our secrets are so classified
They cannot be veracified
So even we must close our eyes
When reading them. It's no surprise...
Not even secret-tellers know
The content of their secrets. So
You seek to bring what secrets out?
We don't know what you're talking 'bout.

Judges Skeptical of State-Secrets Claim -
SAN FRANCISCO, Aug. 15 -- Lawyers for the Bush administration encountered a federal appeals court Wednesday that appeared deeply skeptical of a blanket claim that the government's surveillance efforts cannot be challenged in court because the litigation might reveal state secrets.

"The bottom line here is the government declares something is a state secret, that's the end of it. No cases. . . . The king can do no wrong," said Judge Harry Pregerson, one of three judges from the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 9th Circuit who grilled administration lawyers at length over whether a pair of lawsuits against the government should go forward.
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