Friday, August 03, 2007

Who would Jesus Nuke?

The last thing this country - and the world, for that matter - needs is another trigger-happy US president. And why can't we take the nuclear option off the table? When it comes to it, why can't THE WHOLE FUCKING WORLD take the nuclear option off the table? Shitcan all our arsenals and pretend Los Alamos never happened. God, we are one fucking stupid bunch of hominids.

Obama, Clinton in new flap, over nuclear weapons - Yahoo! News
WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama found himself embroiled in a new foreign policy flap with rival Hillary Clinton on Thursday, this time over the use of nuclear weapons.

Obama ruled out the use of nuclear weapons to go after al Qaeda or Taliban targets in Afghanistan or Pakistan, prompting Clinton to say presidents never take the nuclear option off the table, and extending their feud over whether Obama has enough experience to be elected president in November 2008.
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