Thursday, September 13, 2007

Asymmetrical Warfare

Krugmanomicon, Book First, Chapter IV, Stave XVIII:

Economist's View: "Crank Politics"
[Jonathan Chait] emphasizes the right-wing echo chamber, but there’s more to it than that. It’s also – as I can report from my own experience – a result of asymmetrical intimidation. Quite simply, if you point out character flaws in a conservative, there will be an all-out effort, involving major media as well as blogs and talk radio, to discredit and ruin you, personally. This just doesn’t happen on the other side.
Wingnuts fall into one of two categories: Machiavellian psychopaths or gullible rubes. The former light the torches and supply the pitchforks; the latter carry them gladly, assured that they're doing God's work. The latter are blind, so their sins can be expunged. The former, however, see with 20-20 vision - and not even Jesus can forgive what they've done. It would be better for such that they were never born, but they were, and they are, and they're in for a helluva surprise come Judgment Day. I can only pray that lightning strikes their sorry asses and jolts their consciences back to consciousness before they're existential toast. Otherwise, Cthulu stands to enjoy one bodacious feast of wingnut fricassee.

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