Sunday, September 02, 2007

Mutual Insanity

Talk about one step beyond...

Maliki says critics overstep 'rational limits' - Los Angeles Times:

The Iraqi premier accuses naysayers in the U.S. of failing to realize the scope of his nation's distress.

By Alexandra Zavis, Los Angeles Times Staff Writer
2:00 PM PDT, September 2, 2007

BAGHDAD -- Iraq's embattled prime minister accused his U.S. critics Sunday of going too far, saying they did not appreciate the scale of the disaster facing his country and the achievements of his government.

"The most important achievement is it stopped a sectarian and civil war," Prime Minister Nouri Maliki said.
Pay no attention to the RPGs and tracer fire - there's no civil war goin' on 'round here... nopenopenopenope. Oh, and, just kick that corpse to the side of the blood-soaked street. How's your pita and hummus, by the way?

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