Saturday, September 01, 2007

Now that's Risch...

Another Rethug blames Katrina victims for their own misery. Shorter Jim Crow Risch:

Of course, the good, white folk of Idaho wouldn't sit around like them... uhhh... other-than-white folk in Nawlins! Why, we'd have "entrepeneurs" out sellin' water - at $125 a quart! Now that's good ole 'Murkan, 'Publican bizness sense fer ya!

Meet the New Hypocrite... | TPMCafe

Obsessive TPM Cafe readers will remember Jim Risch. In a post last year, I called attention to this quote from Risch, who was at the time the acting governor. Referring to the victims of Hurricane Katrina, Risch said,
"Here in Idaho, we couldn’t understand how people [in Louisiana] could sit around on the kerbs waiting for the federal government to come and do something. We had a dam break in 1976, but we didn’t whine about it. We got out our backhoes and we rebuilt the roads and replanted the fields and got on with our lives. That’s the culture here. Not waiting for the federal government to bring you drinking water. In Idaho there would have been entrepreneurs selling the drinking water.
What a fitting gift to the nation, on the anniversary of Katrina!
Of course, there were only 5 cows and a 'tater field in the path of the floodwaters*, as opposed to hundreds of thousands of human beings and billions of dollars of property and infrastructure in NOLA. But otherwise, it's the same thing!

* Just a guess, but it seems logical.

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