Thursday, September 13, 2007

Off we go

... into the wild, black yonder that fills wingnut wet-dreams of death and destruction in Iran. The nice men in the white coats should camp out permanently at Fox News, ready to throw the net over so-called "experts" and "advisers" at the first sign of frothing at the mouth. They could then move on from there to O'Reilly, Hannity, Gibson, and the rest of the batshit-crazy Fox crew.

The Raw Story | Fox analyst: Germany's actions leave us 'no choice' but to bomb Iran
Lt. Gen. (ret.) Thomas McInerney told Fox, "Since Germany has backed out of helping economically, we do not have any other choice. ... They've forced us into the military option."

"I think the option should initially be tit-for-tat," McInerney went on. "For every explosively formed projectile from Iran that goes off in Iraq, two go off in Iran, no questions asked."

"The one I favor the most, of course, is an air campaign," he continued. "Forty-eight hours duration, hitting 2500 aimed points to take out their nuclear facilities, their air defense facilities, their air force, their navy, their Shahab-3 retaliatory missiles, and finally their command and control. And then let the Iranian people take their country back."
What little there is left of it. But wait! Make sure you don't bomb the florists by accident; the people will need all those flowers to greet us as liberators when we occupy their country.

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