Tuesday, September 18, 2007


That's precisely what the entire progressive blogosphere should do whenever Richard Cohen pops up out of his hole with another of his patented "friendly fire" potshots. Today's blast of buckshot is directed at two - count 'em! - two simultaneous targets: MoveOn for "sliming" Gen'rul Betray-us, and Hillary Clinton for refusing to bow before the altar of Broderesque "bi-partisanship" by condemning MoveOn for having the cheek to speak the truth. Oh, and he also equates MoveOn's ad with the rabid right-wing vitriol that has targeted both Hillary and Bill for the last 15 years running. What a tool.

You see, President Bush means well. And David Petraeus is a truth-teller. And my left nut is Charles De Gaulle.

Richard Cohen - . . . What She Ducked - washingtonpost.com
If there is a phrase more closely associated with both Hillary and Bill Clinton than "the politics of personal destruction," it does not come to mind. All the others -- "It's the economy, stupid," for instance -- are linked to one or the other, but "the politics of personal destruction" is a phrase both Clintons have used repeatedly -- so much so, it seems, that for Hillary it has lost all meaning. When, for instance, Gen. David Petraeus was slimed as "General Betray Us," Hillary Clinton looked the other way. This was the politics of personal expediency.
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