Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Love me, love me; say that you love me

Fortunately for our puerile, pussified, pretzel-puking preznit, the Administration advance team can still find enough fawning sycophants to round up a 'pressive Potemkin posse of people pleased as punch at the prospect of puckering up to the Presidential patoot. Mr. "29 percent" may no longer play in Peoria, but the folks in East Bumfuck still purely love them some compassionate conservative codpiece.

Low in Polls, Bush Makes More Time for Friendly Crowds - New York Times
ROGERS, Ark., Oct. 15 — Out there in the rest of America, polls show that about twice as many people disapprove of President Bush as approve of him. But here in a cavernous convention center hall, Mr. Bush found nothing but admirers Monday when he answered questions during a town-hall-style meeting.
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