Sunday, January 13, 2008

Jonah Loadpants speaks sooth

For once. Inadvertently, no doubt.

Cloudy Fortunes for Conservatism -
Much of this chaos is attributable to the fact that this is a very flawed field, or at least one ill-suited for the times we're in. If a camel is a horse designed by committee, then this year's Republican field looks downright dromedarian.
So, Jonah, given the admittedly 'very flawed field,' which Democrat will you be voting for? Or will you be voting for the camel's ass? Its balls? Or is its hump more to your liking?

The GOP field is littered with the detritus of humanity's filth. Who in their right mind could vote for any of 'em? But Jonah's mind has never been right (as opposed to Right, as in Right-Wing), has it, Jonah? Ever since you sucked poisoned milk from the tit of your harpy mother, you've been cursed with a leaden tongue and an equally lead-laced mind. Fuck you and the camel you rode in on.

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