Friday, February 08, 2008

The meaning of "is"

As in, "IS waterboarding torture?" Howzabout, "torture for me, but not for thee!" Or, better, "it wasn't torture until we decided it was."

So much for "values." To Bush and his SA shock troops, good and evil are what "the Inner Party" says they are - and they reserve the right to redact, emend, and otherwise modify such distinctions at their pleasure.

Orwell looked for the blitz from the left, only to be blindsided and sacked for a big time loss from the right.

Eugene Robinson - Damage That Must Be Undone -
Think about that. Did you ever imagine that we would have a president who uses legalistic euphemisms and craven rationalizations to justify strapping prisoners down and subjecting them to simulated drowning? A president who claims the right to use waterboarding, and God knows what other "techniques," in the future if he wants?
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