Saturday, March 22, 2008

The Stupids Vote

Our media have done a superb job implementing the agenda of their corporate masters: keep America fat, dumb, and dumber. How else can you get voters to elect an incompetent asshole (well, almost elect him - the Supremes had to push his wagon over the finish line), not once but twice? And the second time long after it was clear that his policies were hostile to all those who voted for him based on his perceived fitness as a beer buddy?

Barack Obama's Smart Speech "A More Perfect Union": Did It Reveal Him To Be Too Intellectual To Be President? | The Smirking Chimp

Increasingly, conservatives seek to characterize liberals as latte-drinking, white-wine sipping, Volvo-driving, intellectual elitists with whom no real American would want to spend time, for they are too smug and superior to truly understand others outside their circle. Conservatives may appreciate intelligence but not intellectuals and their kind, and as the Republican Party has become more conservative, its anti-intellectualism has become more pronounced. The reason: It wins elections.
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