Monday, March 17, 2008

Surely thou art one of them!

And Rev. Wright said, "Truly, one of you will betray me."
And Barack said, "Never!"
So said all other members of the congregation.
Then Rev. Wright said, "Barack, before this election is over, you will denounce, repudiate, reject, and otherwise piss on everything I ever meant to you - thrice!"
And Barack was also among those who followed the Wingnuts to the lynching.
Then one of those in the crowd said, "You are surely a follower of this man, for I detect it from the color of your skin!"
And Barack said, "No!"
And another said, "Yes you are! I sat next to you in church on July 22!"
Barack said, "I wasn't there!"
Then a third said, "You are definitely one of them; your lack of a flag lapel pin betrays you!"
Then Barack cursed and swore and said, "I surely denounce, repudiate, and reject all that this man ever said!"
He then checked the calendar, and it was November 5.