Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Akses of Eevul!

Boy, don't I just purely love it when a bunch of good ol' boys with subnormal IQs (and a zillion megatons of pure death at their disposal) get t'thinkin' about gee-yo gee-oh politics in furrin places in a down-home, bunker-bustin' kinda way! And 'ventyooly, as they hang out out back, leanin' agin' the ol' Robbit E Lee, suckin' down Buds, thair thawts turn to them damn swarthy folks in Eye-ran an' thair nookyular ambitions! God knows a body caint lynch or even molest our own nigras, so they gotta find some r'placement nigras to lynch. The evul brown Muslamiacs in Eye-ran'll do nicely!

Santa Monica Mirror
George W. Bush is poised to order a massive aerial bombardment – possibly including tactical nuclear weapons – of up to 10,000 targets in Iran. The attack would be justified on grounds that Iran is interfering with U.S. efforts in Iraq and that Iran is developing a nuclear weapon, a charge that was debunked last fall in the National Intelligence Estimate (NIE).
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