Saturday, April 12, 2008

And the beat goes on...

...the beat of the war drums, that is. Iran is the next shiny object; look for the Busheviks to further gin up their case for war with additional propaganda like this.

Iran Top Threat To Iraq, U.S. Says -
Last week's violence in Basra and Baghdad has convinced the Bush administration that actions by Iran, and not al-Qaeda, are the primary threat inside Iraq, and has sparked a broad reassessment of policy in the region, according to senior U.S. officials.

Evidence of an increase in Iranian weapons, training and direction for the Shiite militias that battled U.S. and Iraqi security forces in those two cities has fixed new U.S. attention on what Defense Secretary Robert M. Gates yesterday called Tehran's "malign" influence, the officials said.

The intensified focus on Iran coincides with diminished emphasis on al-Qaeda in Iraq as the leading justification for an ongoing U.S. military presence in Iraq.
Boy, don't those Iranians have a lot of nerve sticking their noses in their next-door neighbor's business!

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