Wednesday, April 02, 2008

And God said, "WTF?"

Don't we have more important issues to wrestle with than Oprah's chakras, or avatars, or ascended masturbators? Shouldn't we be watching the lawless fuckers running this country straight into the jaws of hell? To paraphrase (broadly) James Watt, "When the last mind is lobotomized, Christ shall return." I think He's overdue.

Under God: Oprah Watch, Week 1 - On Faith at
When I logged on to live webcast, I found Oprah, Tolle and several hundred thousand people in the midst of a spiritual revival. Oprah meditated! She read a poem! She recalled childhood beatings! Something is going on over there at and it is not to be ignored, I thought, and at that moment my screen froze and I couldn't get back on the web for 12 hours. Strange!
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