Thursday, April 24, 2008

Ignatius Blows Goats

And even worse, he habitually engages in immoral equivalence by balancing responsible Dem proposals to beat feet outta Iraq against batshit-crazy GOP delusions of endless war:

David Ignatius - Running on Sweet Nothings -
The prime example of this quick-fix trap is Iraq. John McCain's version of the easy answer is military victory. He says the U.S. troop surge is working, and he implies that if we just stay the course, we will produce a stable, democratic Iraq that will be a reliable American ally like South Korea. Unfortunately, that prognosis is almost certainly false.

The Democratic version is the promise by Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama that we can end the Iraq nightmare by pulling out U.S. troops. They argue that once American soldiers start coming home, the Iraqis will finally make the tough decisions and take responsibility for their country. Here again, the chance of this happening is close to zero.
No, Dave, the choice before us is simple: keep killing (and dying) in Iraq, or get the fuck out and stop both. Withdrawal can hardly make matters worse than they are now. The Ignatii and Broderii of this world should be damned to being eternally blown to bits (and reassembled only to be blown to bits again) in Baghdad during Rummy's "Shock and Awe" campaign of mass destruction.

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