Monday, May 19, 2008

Saint John in his cell...

...must now ponder the meaning of "is."

"Hieronymus in der Zelle (Saint Jerome in his cell)," Marinus van Reymerswaele

McCain's Chances May Have Hit a New Nader -
Sen. John McCain is champing at the bit to run against Sen. Barack Obama in the fall. But while the presumptive GOP nominee focuses on his likely Democratic rival, he should also worry about his own right flank. Bob Barr entered the presidential race last week as a Libertarian, in time for that party's nominating convention (which starts Thursday), and while the former Republican congressman from Georgia isn't going to become president, his run is no joke. Barr might well inherit the sizable support garnered by Rep. Ron Paul during his own run for the Republican nomination -- and leave McCain sputtering the sorts of epithets usually uttered by Democrats talking about Ralph Nader.