Tuesday, August 12, 2008

And piss be upon you

Seems I recall a biblical passage* that says something like, "Bless those who persecute you; bless and do not curse." Yet here we have a representative of the holier-than-Jesus Focus on the Family imprecating Barack Obama, asking God to "open the heavens" and drench the candidate in his moment in the mile-high sun. Lying James Dobson and his douchebag disciples are nothing but a bunch of panty-sniffing pecksniffs, a passel of pharasaic phonies, self-righteous moronic pricks who would cry "crucify him!" if Christ were to stand before them today.

As I've said before, gonna be a lot of unpleasantly surprised folks come Judgment Day.

Prayer video that sought a Barack Obama drenching gets yanked | Top of the Ticket | Los Angeles Times
Political lesson of the day: Be careful what you ask people to pray for; you may find yourself embroiled in a public relations flap.

The political arm of the socially conservative Focus on the Family religious group today yanked from its website a video that called on folks to ask God to open the heavens and let precipitation pour on Barack Obama just before his nomination acceptance speech at the Democratic National Convention on Aug. 28.

Stuart Shepard, director of digital media at Focus Action (and a meteorologist to boot), wrote and appeared in the video (see below) that he posted in late July.

In it, he rhetorically asked if it would be wrong to ask people to join him in praying for rain two minutes before Obama takes the stage for his big moment at Invesco Field in Denver. And not just a drizzle -- in friendly, conversational fashion, Shepard said he had in mind "abundant rain, torrential rain, urban-and-small-stream flood-advisory rain."
* Romans 12:14, echoing the Beatitudes, for those who are curious.

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