Saturday, August 02, 2008

Dana Milwank

Ladies and germs... we humbly present Atrios' Wanker of the Day:

Media Matters - Rather than acknowledge flaws in Obama column, Wash. Post 's Milbank mocked critics in online chat as "whiners"
Summary: In an online discussion, Dana Milbank dismissed participants' criticisms of his July 30 column -- a "sketch" of Sen. Barack Obama's "premature presidency" -- as "whines." Milbank began the discussion by acknowledging that "some of you have some thoughts you'd like to share about yesterday's Sketch on the premature presidency of Barack Obama," and before taking questions, wrote: "I've decided to approach today's chat as a wine writer would. ... Today, I am inaugurating the Whine Enthusiast, in which I will rate your whines."
And the bozos in the corner offices wonder why nobody bothers to read their yellow rags anymore? Snarky, defensive, petulant asshats like Milbank and his cohort continue to drag our "papers of record" further into the septic tank of stupidity, and then have the obtuse audacity to wonder why people say they're stupid and ugly and nobody likes them. 'Cause they are. And nobody does. Except maybe Karl Rove and John McCain.

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