Monday, August 25, 2008

Hope for Joe Bungalow

Has Joe Bungalow finally been pushed too far? And have we realized at last that, unless we have multi-million dollar trust funds and more houses than we can count, we are ALL Joe Bungalow? The Right has long used the "class warfare" meme (coupled with the "hypocrisy" defense if an opponent is also well-to-do and the "jealousy" dodge if he's not) to suppress criticism of their sweet plutocratic scam. Typical Republican lies and projection. In fact, the only real class war is (and always has been) that being waged by the Right on behalf of corporate America. Their Generals are the soulless, craven politicians they help get elected, and their Lieutenants are the writers, pundits, and radio ranters on the Wingnut Welfare rolls. And for far too long, too many "Joe Bungalows" have been among their foot soldiers. Is this finally changing? Let's hope so. Because the future won't be at all pleasant for Joe Bungalow if it doesn't.

Union Officials: Obama Should Hit Harder On Economy, Not Worry About "Class War" Label
Andy Stern has a message for Barack Obama: do not fear being accused of waging "class war" by speaking out for middle class and poor families.

On the sidelines of a pre-convention Sunday event in Denver, the president of the Service Employees International Union (SEIU) said that the "class war" charge -- often levied to good effect against Democratic presidential candidates -- has jumped the shark. Citing new polling numbers on the economy, which will be released Monday by the Change To Win coalition of unions, Stern told the Huffington Post: "People appreciate that power has been re-balanced away from them -- that economic fairness has come out of balance, and they can't figure out what's going to happen to their kids' [futures]. And so, I think someone saying corporations have way too much power and workers way too little is a message that everyone actually believes right now. And they may not have believed that 10 years ago."
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