Monday, August 25, 2008

How the Right-Wing Hate Mongers Sow their Hate

Exhibit A: Lying scumbags like Mike Pin-Dick get airtime to lie and slander with reckless abandon. And you think calling a presidential candidate a "monster" who "believes... a woman... is entitled to a dead body no matter what" isn't eliminationist hate speech? Do you seriously believe that such inflammatory rhetoric exerts no influence on the right-wing crazies out there? This is essentially a dog-whistle declaration that it's open season on Barack Obama, baby killer. And you wonder why he needs extra Secret Service protection?

Media Matters - Quinn & Rose guest host Pintek on Obama: "[A] monster and a liar" who believes "if a woman chooses abortion, she's entitled to a dead body no matter what"
On the August 21 edition of the syndicated radio program The War Room With Quinn & Rose, guest host Mike Pintek opened the show by saying, "You need to know that Barack Obama is a monster and a liar who would be very much at home in Communist China, where killing babies is an industry." Pintek went on to claim that Obama "believes so firmly in abortion, he is so radical in his support for abortion and infanticide that he believes that if a woman chooses abortion, she's entitled to a dead body no matter what." Pintek added: "Obama opposed bills that would have required medical attention be given to babies who somehow survived the killing fields of the abortion table and would have given the aborted baby legal rights."

As Media Matters for America has repeatedly noted, Obama opposed certain bills amending the Illinois Abortion Law of 1975 while he was in the Illinois state Senate because he and other opponents of the bills said they would pose a threat to abortion rights and said they were unnecessary because Illinois law already prohibited the conduct supposedly addressed by the bills.
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