Thursday, August 14, 2008

No cheek turning this time

Hit 'em high and hit 'em low... and fuck 'em where they breathe! But whatever you do, don't let these fuckers get away with it. Kerry took it in the shorts in 2004 from these bastards and their lying, gutter tactics, and it in all likelihood cost him the election (that and GOP voter suppression and, possibly, outright election fraud). This time we need to give at least as good as we get.

TPM Election Central | Talking Points Memo | Obama Campaign Mapping Out Aggressive Counter-Attack Against Swift-Boating
In stark contrast with the Kerry campaign in 2004, the Obama campaign is mapping out an aggressive counter-attack against the new Swift-Boat-Vet style book targeting Obama -- including plans to dig more deeply into the author's past statements, plans for increased surrogate action against the book, and stepped up pressure on high-level media executives to let the Obama team have air time to rebut the charges.

The plan is taking shape amid new signs that the book -- by Jerome Corsi, who wrote the tome that formed the basis for the attacks on Kerry -- will have staying power and become a real factor in the campaign.


Obama advisers say that whenever they hear that Corsi has been booked for an appearance on a network program, they are quickly contacting the program's producers to rebut the book's charges in phone conversations and giving them a whole run-down of past Corsi quotes that are controversial.

Obama aides also vow to insist that the producers allow them to have on a campaign surrogate to attack the charges, and are expecting to recruit more campaign surrogates, well plied with talking points, to push back against the book.


Indeed, the planning reflects an uncomfortable reality for the Obama camp: They realize that the book, and any ensuing GOP attacks in its wake, are certain to continue to get extensive media coverage.

"Despite the fact that Mr. Corsi has no credibility, we understand the reality that its going to get covered, and are going to aggressively work to make sure people understand that this is nothing more than a rehash of already debunked lies," an Obama campaign adviser says.

If I sound angry, shrill and partisan... well, blow me. The right-wing pulls this shit and gets away with it time and time again, and their allies and fanboys in the corporate media play right along. Then when we on the left protest - rightly - we get told we're extremists wackjobs who are destroying what would otherwise be blissful bi-partisan comity. Well, you can take your "comity" and stick it up your ass.

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