Saturday, August 23, 2008

Please state your home address and planet of origin...

...because on Earth, specifically in that part of Earth known as the United States, the majority oppose a ban on abortion. So explain if you will, Ms. Parker, just how Obama's position on abortion has in any way wounded his campaign? And your concerns over Senator Obama's vote on the so-called "born alive" bill sound more like concern trolling backed by GOP talking points taken straight from Jerome Corsi's fever swamp rantings. Seems to me your piece is too disingenuous by half.

Question to the WaPo: Why do you publish this woman's work anyway? Did she get canned from ClownHall or something?

Kathleen Parker - The Overthinking Obama -
What is more likely to be true is that Obama is studiously cautious, too smart by half and ambivalent to a fault. Suddenly, the man whose campaign seemed helium-propelled is being pulled back down to Earth by the force of his own vagueness. Abortion, of all things, has become his kryptonite.
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