Saturday, August 09, 2008

They've got Pawlenty of nuthin'...

The current crop of GOP VP hopefuls is even sorrier than the earlier crew of kooks who showed up at the party's presidential casting call. Hasn't this country had enough of Republican disaster capitalists with "everyman appeal to ordinary people" [Rovian for "conscience-free opportunist who gladly panders to the stupid in all of us"]? Shall we adopt an updated version of "London Bridge is falling down" as our new national anthem?

Pawlenty Looks to National Stage - Series -
ST. PAUL — As is his way, Gov. Tim Pawlenty made a self-deprecating aside on a local radio show this spring during the ceremonial start of the state’s beloved fishing season. He praised his wife’s willingness to fish with him and to watch hockey games, then added, “And I jokingly say, ‘Now, if I could only get her to have sex with me.’ ”

Some Minnesotans cringed. Others, including his wife, Mary, a former judge who met her future husband in law school, said he was just being himself, joker and all.

Outside his home state, Mr. Pawlenty is among the least-known of the prospects Senator John McCain is said to be considering as a vice-presidential partner. But those who have followed his political rise here say Mr. Pawlenty’s personal story — his direct, everyman appeal to ordinary people — is among his most powerful attributes.

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