Monday, August 11, 2008

We're going... to a Hooky Lau...

But Cokie "I know it's a state, but do I still need a passport to fly to Hawaii?" Roberts won't be there - too exotic and FOREIGN. As in too many really, really tan people - no tans to be found among all the pasty white asses on the shore at Myrtle Beach. And Asians. Like Don Ho. And Jack Lord. And "Book 'em, Danno!" So... unamerican! Yeah, like the Laie Hawaii Mormon Temple, and the Mormons at the Hula Polynesian Cultural Center... and that strange memorial to that sunken battleship named after the state that elected John McCain senator... didn't that get sunk in the Gulf of Tonkin incident?

Cokie Roberts Smears Barack Obama AGAIN - The Jed Report
Apparently Cokie wasn't satisfied with smearing Barack Obama on ABC yesterday -- she decided to take her attacks to NPR, where she again went after his vacation in Hawaii as too "exotic." (Original audio here. h/t to the AMERICAblog reader who noticed Cokie's smear.)
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