Sunday, August 10, 2008

Yeah, that's it... blame the dead guy!

Yeah! That's the ticket!

If he's dead he can't sue, right?

Our glorious G-Men continue to demonstrate that they couldn't close an unzipped fly, much less an unsolved terror case that - conveniently - greased the skids for war in Iraq.

Doubts Persist Among Anthrax Suspect’s Colleagues -
The investigators suggest that Dr. Ivins had been struggling with psychological problems, and was on medication and undergoing counseling after being overcome by what he described as paranoid, delusional thoughts. The trouble with the vaccine, they argue, may have been enough to set him off.

But Dr. Ivins’s former colleagues reject that two-part theory, saying it is just one of many flaws in the evidence presented by the government in an unconvincing case.
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