Friday, September 05, 2008

Damn. Someone read my mind.

BlueTexan at FDL beats me to the punch:

Sarah: I am so psyched about working with you, Joe. This is exciting!

Lieberman: Glad to help, Sarah. It's critical that we don't allow the Democrat Party to win the election.

Sarah: Totally. Oh my God. I hate them.

Lieberman: OK, Sarah -- let's talk about Hezbollah.

Sarah: Oh, I think your wife is just lovely.

Lieberman: No, no, no. Not Hadassah -- Hezbollah.

Sarah: Sorry! Is she your daughter?

Lieberman: Let's move on. Do you want me to brief you on Georgia?

Sarah: Nope, we're good. I was at a governor's conference in Atlanta last year.

Lieberman: Alright. Well, what do you know about Iraq?

Sarah: We're on a mission from God.

Lieberman: Well, that's certainly true, but...

Sarah: And it's critically important that His will be done there.

Lieberman: Right, but...

Sarah: Are you a man of faith, Joe?

Lieberman: Yes, very much so.

Sarah: Where do you go to church?

Lieberman: I'm Jewish.

Sarah: You are?! I had no idea! God bless you!

Lieberman: Thanks.

Sarah: Can I take a minute here and tell you about a wonderful group called Jews for Jesus?
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