Monday, September 08, 2008

False dichotomy

With all due respect to my fellow Kossack, you can complain about the direction the Obama campaign is taking (or not taking) and work your tail off for victory at the same time. And while I agree that forecasting failure is a bad idea, passivity in the face of what you honestly believe are dangerously misguided campaign tactics is a bad idea as well. Worst of all, SYFPH is something I would expect to hear from a Repuke, not a Democrat.

Daily Kos: ZOMG. SYFPH. (Action)
Complaining isn't going to help us win in November - contacting voters is going to help us win. If you want to see change, it's going to have to start with YOU. That is the whole point of Obama's message. If you're not up for it - then enjoy the consequences of hand wringing. I have no desire to lose this November.

SYFPH and get to work.
I for one have no desire to lose this November either, and I will do all I can to avoid that fate. But don't be so quick to dismiss criticism from those who, like me, have seen Democratic electoral hopes dashed time and again due to the "guidance" of the professional losers otherwise known as Democratic political consultants.

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