Monday, September 08, 2008

Fast Eddie correct. But Palin is governor of a state with... shall we say, some idiosyncrasies, not to mention a major corruption problem. In a state full of crooks who dip into the public till with both hands, the one-armed bandit seems like an honest citizen.

Rendell: If I Was Palin You'd Be Calling For My Impeachment
Gov. Ed Rendell decried a double standard in the treatment of Sarah Palin on Monday, saying that if it was he who was at the center of the "troopergate" investigation, the press would be calling for his head.

"She [claims to be] a reformer," said the Pennsylvania Democrat. "And yet she is being investigated on the charge that she used her power as governor to fire someone who was going through a messy divorce with a relative of hers. Could you imagine if I was doing the same thing in Pennsylvania? You would be calling for my impeachment."
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