Saturday, September 13, 2008

For shame

What does it say about our country when the electorate changes its mind more frequently than a windsock changes direction in a microburst? That Americans are shallow, childlike, gullible, and without substance? And what does it say when a corrupt, serial liar without a shred of honor is preferable to a bright, charismatic, enthusiastic, and honest contender simply because the contender is - as one voter put it - "of the other race"? That we are, on average, ignorant, bigoted fools? How can the presidential race possibly be this close after almost eight years of disastrous Republican rule when the current Republican candidate offers more of the same?

Whites lift McCain to slim lead over Obama in poll -
WASHINGTON -- An overwhelming advantage in experience and lopsided support from working-class and suburban whites have lifted Republican John McCain to a slender lead over Barack Obama less than two months from Election Day, a poll on the presidential race said Friday.
Ultimately, the responsibility for our electoral choices is our own. Yes, the system is crooked, the GOP has been gaming it for years, and the media are in the tank for the Right. But no one is holding a gun to our heads behind that curtain in the voting booth.

Stupid is as stupid votes.

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