Monday, September 15, 2008

Freeance of speechifyin'

Felix George Beauregard Billy-Bob E. Lee Allen purely loves him some freedom to spew racial epithets. Why, he even knows how to say n____r in French! Plus that fancy new-fangled word they use now fer 'uppity'... what wuz it now? Oh, yeah: ELITIST!

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Today on Laura Ingraham’s radio show, former Virgina governor George Allen (R) scoffed at claims that Americans are addicted to oil, calling it “an elitist point of view.” Allen insisted it was freedom, not oil, that Americans were actually addicted to:
ALLEN: I love that statement, America is addicted to oil. What an elitist point of view. Americans are not addicted to oil. Americans are addicted to freedom — the freedom and liberty to move where and when we want.
The people of Virginia should deport "Macaca" boy to East Bumfuck-on-Chattahoochee where his stupidity will threaten nothing more than bullfrogs and locals who think "Deliverance" was a love story. I wonder if'n he can squeal like a pig?

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