Thursday, September 04, 2008

Hey, Media! Look! A bright, shiny, new political object!

The GOP is obviously betting on their ability, once again, to distract the corporate media magpies with shiny objects so they can bamboozle the American people without scrutiny. This is why, in spite of the fact that the McCain-Palin ticket is the WORST I've ever seen, I'm unwilling to count ANY unhatched chicks.

Daily Kos: State of the Nation
With her snarky, amateurish, almost Student Council-like speech, Palin proved today that she can attack like a candidate for vice-president. And she demonstrated that she can support the top of the ticket like a candidate for vice-president.

But nowhere in her speech did she demonstrate that she can be vice-president. She's still the former Mayor of Wasilla, Alaska, who didn't even know what the vice-president did until a couple weeks ago, who admitted that she doesn't pay attention to Iraq, who's stonewalling investigations into her alleged misconduct, and who took advantage of the very earmark process she claims to be against.
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