Saturday, September 06, 2008

LIARS!!!!! Part 2

Here's a post I just made on ObamaBlog:

Counting Unhatched Chickens

Not to burst the bubble of optimism (just that of overconfidence), I have to express what is a growing concern in the Progressive blogosphere over what we feel is the lack of a hard-hitting counterattack to all the shameless, blatant lies being spread not by "shadowy" GOP propagandists but by John McCain himself. Why, for example, must Joe Biden keep praising John McCain? Doesn't such behavior completely undercut any attempt to point out that he's a shameless liar? I can just hear Pat Buchanan slapping Rachel Maddow: "How can you smear John McCain's service to his country by calling him a liar? Why, just yesterday Joe Biden, the Democratic candidate for Vice President, praised McCain, saying how much he admired him!" (Honestly, this stuff just writes itself.)

All this kind of thing does is fix the GOP lies, or at least the mental impression the lies are supposed to implant, in the thinking of many voters. Bad strategy... BAD STRATEGY!!!

Now I'm no political consultant, but I am a pretty smart guy. And there are a lot of other pretty smart men and women out there who agree with me. We need to hit back hard, not just on the ISSUES, but on the CHARACTER ISSUE. Otherwise we're just shadowboxing while the GOP freely pounds the crap out of us.

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