Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Little Dickie has a schmeckel for you

Obama is too cool to fight? No, but Dickie Cohen is too stupid to live. Y'see, here's the straight skinny about yer modern pandering pundits, of whom Cohen is a prime exemplar: Democrats can play the pipes, and the pundits won't dance; then they can sing a dirge, and the pundits won’t mourn. Keith Olbermann comes along and apologizes for the GOP's crass exploitation of 9-11: he's "incendiary." Barack Obama remains unflappable in the face of relentless smears and lies from the GOP: he's "too cool." And one more thing: closet racist, much?

Richard Cohen - Too Cool to Fight? - washingtonpost.com
Thank God for Sarah Palin. Without her jibes, her sarcasm, her exaggerations, her smug provincialism, her hypocrisy about family and government, her exploitation of mommyhood, and her personal attacks on Barack Obama, the Democratic base might never be consolidated. This much is certain: Obama could never do it.

Not, anyway, the Obama who appeared Sunday on ABC's "This Week" with George Stephanopoulos. That Obama was cool, diffident, above it all -- unflustered, unflappable, unexcitable and downright unexciting. These "uns" ran on, a torrent of cool that frosted my flat-panel TV and had me wondering if, as a kid, Obama ever got a shot in the mouth on the playground, he'd glare at the bully -- and convene a meeting.

Stephanopoulos vainly tried for some genuine reaction. In choosing Palin, did John McCain get someone who met the minimum test of being "capable of being president"? Everyone in America knows the answer to that. They know McCain picked someone so unqualified she has been hiding from the media because a question to her is like kryptonite to what's-his-name. But did Obama say anything like that? Here are his exact words: "Well, you know, I'll let you ask John McCain when he's on ABC." Boy, Palin will never get over that.
And the country may never get over you, Dickless, and your sneering, smug and ever-so-superior, above-the-fray hackery. Every once in a while the Democrats ought to slam some little pundit up against the wall just to show they mean business.

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