Monday, September 01, 2008

Moscow on the Mississippi

Law and Order, НКВД* style:

Update 4:07 pacific: Lindsay has just called in about an arrest near the bridge - somebody being arrested here - cops are making racist remarks to the guy they are arresting using fake spanish to him and knocking off a hat he was wearing. Lindsay didn't see a cause for the arrest - just turned around and he was on the ground. As we were talking, she could see them dragging him across the road and a nearby motorcycle cop started taunting Lindsay to "take more pictures - Greetings from the great southwest!" while pointing to his badge.

Just confirmed - Amy Goodman of Democracy Now and two reporters have been arrested in St Paul. (Audio - both raw from the arrest and then a report on it available here.)

An UpTake video team is also under arrest just managed to avoid arrest and is reporting from their arrest location across from the Harriet Island concert. They are reporting more rubber bullets and tear gas being used on this crowd which includes families and children who were at the SEIU Take Back Labor Day concert.

* Cyrillic abbreviation of NKVD, Народный Комиссариат Внутренних Дел or People's Commissariat for Internal Affairs, predecessor of the KGB.

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