Wednesday, September 17, 2008

My stupidity dosimeter just turned bright red...

According to her own tortured logic, "Hey Nonnie-" Nonie Darwish is not to be trusted. As a "former Muslim" she was certainly deeply immersed in the culture of Islam and as such must be viewed with suspicion. For all we know, she's an anti-American Islamist sleeper agent who is trying to influence our elections to get secret Wahabiist John McCain into the White House.

Fucking assholes. And there are actually people out there who believe her shit? Oh, and to all you evangelical Christians out there who eat this shit up: stop being so fucking gullible.

Media Matters - Christian radio host Jan Markell hosted conservative activist Nonie Darwish, who advanced claim that Obama is a "political Muslim"
Summary: On her syndicated Christian radio talk show, Jan Markell hosted "former Muslim" Nonie Darwish, who claimed that "whether he believes in Islam or not," Sen. Barack Obama is a "political Muslim" who, as a child, was "immersed in a culture that was anti-American." She also stated that "Obama was influenced by" Islam, which she called "a very political" and "not a true religion."
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