Tuesday, September 09, 2008

National Neurosis

What Dave said.

Dave Lindorff: This Country is Nuts! | BuzzFlash.org
Okay, I have to vent here. We all get a little crazy sitting alone at our keyboards in this business, and it's finally gotten to me.

I know there are serious signs of a complete mental breakdown in the U.S., with polls reporting that millions of people are actually excited at having a low-rent religious fanatic who consistently mispronounces pundit as "pundint" (shades of Dubya!), pilfers state funds for her family's personal use, lies about her alleged opposition to Washington pork, claims the bloody war in Iraq is "God's will," forces her 17-year-old daughter to make a momentary mistake into a lifetime one by marrying the kid who got her pregnant, and refers to blacks as "sambo" and to Alaska's indigenous people as "Arctic Arabs," running for vice president on the ticket with a man who is a walking medical disaster waiting to happen.

These are probably the same people who still give the worst president in the history of the Union a 30 percent approval rating, who keep watching reality TV shows (perhaps thinking they're real), and who still think having 180,000 U.S. troops indiscriminately slaughtering Iraqis, Afghanis and Pakistanis is making the U.S. "safe."
Is it something in the water? Or have they aerosolized it? Whatever it is, it seems to be spreading fast. Is there a cure, or are we beyond hope? We'll find out in two months, won't we?

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