Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Oh my.

We saw "All Jeremiah Wright All the Time" for what seemed like weeks as the predator state's journalistic flaks reminded us repeatedly that Barack Obama had spent 20 or so years under Wright's ministry. Now we learn that Sarah Palin's pastor is a balls-out nutjob theocrat... how much you wanna bet we hear nothing but chirping crickets on this from the corporate media?

Palin's Church May Have Shaped Controversial Worldview
The church runs a number of ministries providing help to poor neighborhoods, care for children in need, and general community services. But Pastor Kalnins has also preached that critics of President Bush will be banished to hell; questioned whether people who voted for Sen. John Kerry in 2004 would be accepted to heaven; charged that the 9/11 terrorist attacks and war in Iraq were part of a war "contending for your faith;" and said that Jesus "operated from that position of war mode."

It is impossible to determine how much Wasilla Assembly of God has shaped Palin's thinking. She was baptized there at the age of 12 and attended the church for most of her adult life. When Palin was inaugurated as governor, the founding pastor of the church delivered the invocation. In 2002, Palin moved her family to a nondenominational church, but she continues to worship at a related Assembly of God church in Juneau.

Moreover, she "has maintained a friendship with Wasilla Assembly of God and has attended various conferences and special meetings here," Kalnins' office said in a statement. "As for her personal beliefs," the statement added, "Governor Palin is well able to speak for herself on those issues."
I think I'll drop dime on Pastor Kalnins and have a chat with the IRS about his tax-exempt electioneering from the pulpit...

Oh, and just wait until details start surfacing on some of what might generously be termed the AoG's (ahem...) somewhat idiosyncratic doctrines... yes, Crisco and falling on the floor play a part, but it's not what you think!

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